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Distance to Here

Distance to Here is a simple Android application to calculate the distance between two locations and the estimated travel time by one of the following methods: driving, walking, bicycling, or straight line distance.
Useful for mileage calculation!

  • Acceptable inputs are any Google aware location, address, city, state, zip, country, etc. The address fields will auto-complete and offer suggestions as you type.
  • If it is not possible to get there by the selected method, the app will let you know by presenting a message. The result can be displayed in either miles or km depending on your preference.
  • There is also a button in the app to launch Google Maps with the selected origin and destinations and get directions.
  • New to version 1.5, a get current location button! For those of you who occasionally find yourself ‘temporarily misplaced’ (lost), this feature will pin point where you are!  To save the life of your battery, if your location is not returned to the app within 15 seconds, the request for your location will time out. This feature is heavily dependent on the user/device location and/or network availability.
  • Added a settings feature to enable/disable last used settings upon exit (Menu-> settings)
  • Ability to switch to a Dark theme in settings
  • Interface tweaks (new icons, modified button layout)
  • ICS/Jellybean users will use the built-in Holo theme by default
  • Linear distance calculation! This is a euclidean distance calculation to calculate the straight line distance between 2 points. Travel time will not be shown for this method. Launching google maps with linear mode selected will default to driving mode.
  • You can now store historical information. Useful for mileage reporting. (Accessible via: Menu -> History)

The full featured paid version with no ads can be found by clicking the Google Play icon below.

Android app on Google Play

A free version of the app that is ad supported is located here.


Circle Me Matching

Circle Me Matching is a simple word to picture matching game. Designed to be educational for children, fun for all!

To play the game, move the circle over the matching image. Each time you make a successful matching you will earn a star and a piece of cheese!  You will lose one piece of cheese for every incorrect matching or  move. See how many stars you can collect before your cheese runs out!

Can you beat your best score?

Word to picture matching
Uses the built-in text to speech engine to pronounce matching word
English is the only supported language

Internet Permissions are required for the ads only.
Ads are included to generate revenue for the free version of the app.

Android app on Google Play